Which country drinks the most wine per capita?

According to recently gathered statistics, the country with the greatest per capita consumption of wine in the world is Vatican City, where its residents consume more than 70 litres of wine per year. Consider why this is so. Could it be lack of children, dining in large groups, the role of wine in Communion, dominance of elderly males?

And in second place . . . . .  Luxembourg, with an average consumption of about 55 litres of wine per year.

Which liqueur dwarfs its rivals?

A survey by Roy Morgan Research has found that Australians drink more than three times more of the most popular liqueur than the second most popular liqueur. Can you guess which is the most popular brand? Or if you really want a challenge, try to guess the top five in order before  you go click on the ‘LEARN MORE’ button.

Red wine prevents erectile dysfunction?

According to an article in the January 2016 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, red wine is a source of chemicals that provide a buffer against impotence.

Just add water!

According to Huon Hooke, Australian winemakers will soon be allowed by law to add water to their wines.


Definition: The fear of forgetting or the fear of being forgotten or ignored.

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