Wine Guild Victoria was founded in 1959 as the Wine Service Guild of Australia (Victorian Branch Incorporated) in response to the need for hotels and restaurants to educate their staff about Australian wine and wine regions. Members of the newly formed Guild developed wine courses, which were so successful that the Liquor Commission made it mandatory for new licence applicants to complete a Wine Service Guild course before a licence was granted

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The Wine Guild today

Today, Wine Guild Victoria is an association of wine consumers who enjoy learning about wine, winemaking, matching food with wine and the history of winemaking in Australia. Our members learn from winemakers, grape growers and others in the wine industry while tasting their wines in a friendly and enjoyable environment.

We organise events, usually on a monthly basis , which include a breakfast on the Yarra, restaurant nights hosted by winemakers, one day winery tours, two day winery tours, interstate winery tours, ‘taste and talk’ nights hosted by a winemaker, sommelier or wine journalist, wine trivia nights, bottling days and more.